Lunch and Dinner Menu

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fried green tomatoes 4.99
w/ bleu cheese

redneck cheese dip 3.99
pimento cheese w/ saltine crackers

loaded chili cheese fries 5.99
w/ pimento cheese & pork chili  

fried housemade pickles 4.25
w/ buttermilk dressing

edamame hummus 3.99
served w/ crispy tortilla chips

I dream of weenie 3.99
house made pigs in a blanket w/ mustard mayo

grit fritters 3.99
house made grits w/ cheddar cheese and jalapeños deep fried, served w/ peach jam


tomato basil w/ pesto croutons 4.99

roasted pork chili 12oz. bowl 4.99


Chicken +2.50 / Pulled Pork +1.99
Shrimp +3.99 / Soup 12oz +2.99

local garden greens 8.50 
with cranberries, dates, apple bacon,
grated parmesan, & housemade croutons
tossed w/ rosemary garlic vinaigrette

be “COBB” it’s good 11.99
pulled pork, roasted chicken, apple bacon, 
chopped egg, tomatoes, avocado, & 
bleu cheese, w/ rosemary garlic vinaigrette

strawberry fields w/ blackened chicken 11.99
baby arugula, fresh strawberries, candied walnuts & pecans, blue cheese, apple bacon & croutons, tossed w/ balsamic vinaigrette

baby spinach fried egg salad 9.50
apple bacon vinaigrette, bleu cheese, 
avocado, apple bacon, fresh tomatoes, 
& housemade croutons

rocket salad 9.50
arugula, apple bacon, aged parmesan tossed 

w/ citrus tahini dressing 


Served with one side    Gluten free bread +1.25

classic shrimp po’boy 13.99
romaine, tomato, fried pickle, housemade tartar sauce & creole mustard


the big easy muffuletta 11.99
(a true classic)mortadella, genoa salami, ham, provolone, mozzarella & olive spread

craft “5” grilled cheese 8.99
cheddar, provolone, gruyére, swiss, creme brie w/ tomato soup, or sub side for soup add mushrooms +0.50, add tomato +0.50

lobster rolls 14.99
two classic rolls w/ lettuce & tomatoes

southern fried banh mi pork sandwich 12.50
hoagie roll w/ fried pork chop, banh mi veggies, mayo, cilantro & habanero pickles

steak with it! 11.99
thinly sliced all natural ribeye steak w/ horseradish sauce, mushrooms, roasted pepper, & provolone


bad to the bone 10.99
house roasted pork shoulder topped w/ collard green cole slaw, date chili bourbon BBQ, gruyére cheese, & caramelized onions

corner store reuben 10.50
corned beef, swiss cheese, kimchi cabbage, horseradish mayo, 1k island

fried chicken sandwich 9.99
w/ collard green cole slaw

a.b.l.t. 8.99
apple bacon, vine ripened tomatoes, lettuce, & mustard seed mayo + 2 fried eggs $1.25

hole in 1 10.50
pastrami cured salmon, cream cheese, 
pickled green tomatoes, onions, olive tapenade on an asiago bagel


veggie sandwich on whole grain wheat 8.99
gruyére cheese w/ tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, caramelized onions, sprouts & avocado

specialty burgers

triple “d” meatball burger...14.00


Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives Original

w/ marinara, provolone, truffled mushrooms & caramelized onions

veggie beet burger 8.99
w/ sprouts & avocado

patty melt
w/ caramelized onions, swiss cheese & 1k Island
8oz. 11.00
10oz. 12.50

burgers: build your own

Served w/ one side / Gluten free bun +1.25

ground beef - angus
8oz double 10.00 
10oz triple 11.50 
13oz quad 12.50

seasoned ground turkey - all natural
8oz double 10.00 
10oz triple 11.50
13oz quad 12.50

ground lamb - all natural
8oz double 12.50 
10oz triple 14.50 
13oz quad 16.50

burger toppings

tomato, lettuce, onion, pickle, mayo

kimchi, sprouts, house pickled jalapeños

cheddar, swiss, american, provolone, 
caramelized onion, mushrooms

avocado, bacon, pork chili, gruyére, brie, bleu cheese, fried green tomatoes, fried egg, pimento cheese


Gluten free bread  +1.25

fried fish & shrimp 16.99
w/ texas toast, housemade tarter sauce
choose 2 sides

blackened flounder 14.99
w/ texas toast, housemade tarter sauce
choose 2 sides

double chicken breast 14.99
10 oz. all natural - seared or fried,
w/ texas toast, choose 2 sides

lamb kafta 14.99
marinated ground lamb w/ minced onions & seasoning, housemade tzatziki, served w/ roti bread, choose 2 sides

bbq pulled pork 14.99
8 oz. plate w/date chili bourbon sauce,
w/ texas toast, choose 2 sides

tenderloin steak kabob 18.99
Two - 4 oz beef tenderloin skewers, 
w/ texas toast, choose 2 sides 


chicken picatta 14.99
2 breast seared over orecchiette pasta, tossed w/ super saute, mushroom, garlic & aged parmesan cheese in a white wine lemon caper sauce, w/ texas toast


pesto pasta 12.99
roasted chicken, mushrooms, peppers & onions tossed in a creamy sunflower seed pesto, shredded parm w/ texas toast

roasted pork & chili verde 12.99
roasted pork w/ charred chilies, queso topped with fried eggs & tortilla


southern comfort 14.99
shrimp sautéed w/ onions and peppers in a shrimp broth served over grits topped w/ 2 fried eggs.

chicken pot pie deconstructed 13.99
house made biscuit, topped with folk’n delicious chicken pot pie

folk southern fried 13.99
fried chicken & biscuits w/ fried eggs & sausage gravy


fries hand-cut n/c     2.99
w/ chili pimento cheese 1.99     3.99
tomato basil soup or chili - 6oz n/c     2.99
sunflower seed
pesto pasta salad n/c     2.00
southern style potato salad n/c     2.00
cucumber avocado salad n/c     2.50
super sautee 0.50     2.50
hash brown 0.50     2.50
flat-top mac & cheese 0.50     2.50
sauteed spinach 0.50     2.50
side salad 0.99     2.99
sauteed collards

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2 EGGS any style

served w/grits & white or wheat toast
egg whites 0.99                            sub fruit for grits 0.95    sub hashbrowns for grits 1.10       gluten free bread 1.25

sausage 7.99
turkey sausage 7.99 chicken apple
sausage 9.99
apple bacon 8.99 vegetarian soy
sausage 8.50
chicken 6oz 9.99
(fried or seared)
country ham 10.99


Served w/ grits & white or wheat toast
sub hashbrowns for grits 1.10       sub fruit for grits  0.95

shrimp 3.99
country ham 1.50
sausage 1.50
turkey sausage 1.50
lobster 6.00
apple bacon 1.50
veg. sausage 1.50

spinach .75
roasted red pepper .50
caramelized onion .50
mushrooms .50
tomato .50
green chilies .50
jalapenos .50

american 1.20
gruyére 1.20
cheddar 1.20
pimento cheese 1.25
parmesan 1.20


banana nut fosters 8.99/7.99
cinnamon pecan sticky bun 8.99/7.99
all natural peanut butter & banana 8.99/7.99
maple syrup 7.99/6.99